Extraterrestrial Intelligence

The Search , The Science, The Significance

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence is one of the most inspiring modern scientific endeavors because of the profound impact that a positive detection would have on humanity.

Beginning in 2019, a team of 21 students from 17 countries completed a team project as part of the masters of space studies program at the International Space University. Following an extensive literature review of the current work involving the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, the team produced an innovative framework aimed to legitimize the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

This website showcases the work completed throughout the team project. The Executive Summary and the Final report may be found on the ISU web site at https://www.isunet.edu in the “ISU Team Projects/Student Reports” section and on the ISU library website https://isulibrary.isunet.edu/.

Science and Technology

A two part mission aimed to aid in the detection of technosignatures in space.

The proposal includes a CubeSat mission to characterize Earth’s technosignature and a Galactic Technosignature Observatory project aimed to analyze data from space telescopes to search for artificial objects around exoplanets.

Legal and Policy

A proposal of a comprehensive legislative framework, which can be applied when a form of extraterrestrial intelligence is detected.

The proposal aims to update the International Academy of Astronautics’ post-detection principles and make these principles binding. In addition, an analysis of current approaches to various prospective intelligence forms, as well as insight into how the approach should be modified post-detection.


A plan to normalize the search for extraterrestrial intelligence in terms of scientific advancement and space exploration.

The outreach plan contains a pilot survey to gain insight into public perception, a children’s book and merchandise inspired by the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.