Science and Technology

Mission Proposal

Over the years, there have been limited missions focused only on the search for extraterrestrialIntelligence. Therefore, the team created a two part proposal with the aim of developing theresearch in this field and enhancing the scientific community as a whole. This proposal aims to detect technosignatures in other solar systems, as well as looking back and characterizingEarth’s technosignatures.

Part A

Galactic Technosignature Observatory Project

Using the data from existing or future space telescopes to search for artificial objects in transiting exoplanets or within the vicinity of their stars.The data will be used to define parameters for the search for artificial objects orbiting in the proximity of exoplanets. It takes advantage of the current and upcoming space telescopes missions researching on exoplanets to develop an exoplanet database that also accounts for technosignatures.

Part B


The mission will piggyback the launch vehicle of an existing mission to Mars. The CubeSat payload will include a radiometric sensor, spectrometer and hyperspectral imaging camera, which will obtain data on the ‘noise’ produced by Earth from a distance.
It is designed to characterize the Earth’s technosignatures during the journey to Mars and beyond.